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What is the Protective Factors Survey (PFS)?

The PFS is a pre-post evaluation tool for use with caregivers receiving child maltreatment prevention services. It is a self-administered survey that measures protective factors in five areas: family functioning/resiliency, social support, concrete support, nurturing and attachment, and knowledge of parenting/child development. A one-page overview of the tool can be viewed at Protective Factors Survey Overview.

FRIENDS has developed database resources for the collection and analyzation of data that are available for the English and Spanish version of the survey, visit PFS Database Resources to view and download those resources.

Is the PFS the right tool for you?

As you make decisions about whether the PFS is the right tool for your program, please refer to this checklist. If you find that the PFS is not the right fit for your services, you may want to review FRIENDS' annotated compendium of evaluation tools as a resource.

How was the PFS developed?

The PFS is a product of the FRIENDS National Center in collaboration with the University of Kansas Institute for Educational Research and Public Service. It was developed with the advice and assistance from CBCAP grantees, parents, researchers, administrators, workers, and experts specializing in family support, child maltreatment, and psychological measurement. The survey has undergone four national field tests for establishing reliability and validity. To view a report on the early field tests and examine reliability and validity data, click here. The most recent, phase IV field test, can be viewed by clicking here.

Is the PFS an evidence-based measurement tool?

Yes, the California Clearinghouse on Evidence Based Practices (http://www.cebc4cw.org) has included the PFS as an evidence-based tool in their listings.

How is the PFS used?

The primary purpose of the Protective Factors Survey is to provide feedback to agencies for continuous quality improvement and evaluation purposes. The survey results are designed to help agencies measure changes in protective factors and identify areas where workers can focus on increasing individual family protective factors. A full set of instructions on how to administer the PFS can be found by clicking here or you can reference our FAQ here.

Is there a Spanish version of the PFS?

Yes, a Spanish adaptation of the PFS (S-PFS) has been tested and found to have good reliability and validity. The tool and instructions for administering and scoring the S-PFS may be downloaded by clicking here. The instructions are in both Spanish and English. A full report on the development and testing of the S-PFS is also available for downloading. Please click here to review the report.

Protective Factors Survey Resources

iconProtective Factors Survey iconProtective Factors Survey Phase 4 summary slides
iconProtective Factors Survey Overview iconSpanish Adaptation of the PFS (S-PFS)
iconPFS User Manual iconS-PFS User’s Manual in Spanish
iconProtective Factors Survey Field Test Report iconS-PFS User’s Manual in English
icon PFS FAQ (revised October 2014) iconS-PFS Final Report

Click here to view the available PFS Database resources available for download.